December always seems to bring on an urge to bake, but the oven and I are not really friends. In my annual hunt for new recipes, these dulce de leche crispies sounded┬ámanageable. A riff on the ever-popular Rice Krispies Treat, I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Problem 1:
Dulce de Leche is not available in every grocery store. I looked in the Goya section, the baking aisle and by the hot fudge sauce in three different stores. Finally D took pity on me and went to a C-Town on Grand Ave in New Haven.

Problem 2:
Much like Rice Krispies Treats, taming this mixture can be a sticky mess. You’ll probably notice mine look more dome-like than the ones in the Food + Wine photo. When these hit the baking sheet, there was no pressing down without them falling apart.

Problem 3:
On a cookie platter these crispies don’t attract much attention.
D said it’s because they look healthy, like they’re jammed with oats. Who wants a healthy holiday cookie?

Finally, some good news!
These airy and crispy treats paired with salt and caramel are delicious. The more leftovers for you, the better.