These days it seems that I only talk about food, but I did spend most of high school and college in love with planning & design and convinced that I would continue on to graduate work in architecture. Even though that career path never came to be, it’s still a bit embarrassing that its taken me so long to find my way to Philip Johnson Glass House in nearby New Canaan, Connecticut.

Under normal circumstances you can only visit the home/grounds/art collection of this influential architect via guided tour, but when deciding to attend Dine with Design picnic, a key selling point was the rare opportunity to freely wander the buildings and grounds of this nearly 50 acre landscape.

This “modern picnic” was held under a beautiful Sperry tent.

Citrus cured sardines, calabrian chilies, fennel by Missy Robbins of A Voce.

Local favorite, chef Tim La Bant of Schoolhouse at Cannondale.

From Chef Jeremy McMillan of the also local Bedford Post: ambrosia, poached, grilled and fresh fruit with coconut mascarpone.

Chef Ana Sortun (in black) of my much beloved Oleana and Sofra Bakery in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Island Creek Oysters, just one of the many fine artisans ringing the edge of the tent.

On display from Chef Tony Maws of Craigie on Main (another favorite restaurant in Cambridge of ours)
left: smoked bluefish rillettes ( with Jeremy McMillan in the background)/right: farro pasta with duck heart ragout)

Chef Erik Van Kley, of Little Bird in PDX. On right: beef carpaccio, radish, egg, caviar.
A little more on Chef Gabriel Rucker in my next post.

It was sprinkling when we arrived in New Canaan, but this progressed  into a downpour once we were under the tent. About halfway through, Mother Nature relented and we were able to explore, sans umbrella. Prior to this event I had only imagined visiting the structures, the Glass House and other buildings on the property, but moving through the landscape was equally fascinating.