After our first Dinner at the Farm in 2008, I became obsessed with farm to table meals and in my research, I came across Dai Due. I was hoping to try this supper club when we returned to Austin this past June, but of course schedules didn’t align.  Since I’m on their mailing list (here’s a sample) I discovered they’d be cooking at the farmer’s market at Republic Square Park. By the time we found their tent, it was already a sweltering hot at 10 am. I was so thankful I impulsively ordered the plum soda made of Lightsey Farm plums, organic sugar, star anise and sparkling water.  Unfortunately, we had just eaten a HUGE breakfast at El Mason Taqueria, but I was determined to buy just a little something and we came home with this Fireman’s 4 Mustard. Not the best plan, as I had to keep that baby on ice through the journey home!

Back in Connecticut, I put that grainy mustard to work on some ham sandwiches.