Photo by Jamie BloomquistI’ve hardly been back to the winery since we got married. It is still gorgeous, but some things have changed. It’s more crowded on weekends and there’s no chance of running into Rachel, but that hilltop still holds magic for me. The winery presides over such a unique place in my heart, I simply don’t need to drive out to North Stonington. I prefer to rewind through all the moments of our special day and see it all through my mind’s eye.

There is one old connection that has begun anew. I’ll never forget meeting Rachel. She wasn’t just offering us a wedding venue, she was selling a dream. A family business. A homestead filled with young children. The very happily ever after that every bride and groom envisions. I wished for it all. Of course these blessings don’t come guaranteed with a winery wedding, but being surrounded by it surely made our decision a little easier.

Rachel bravely channeled order from chaos when mother nature offered up our surprise wedding day deluge. We were a jumble of nerves and raw anxiety, but she took charge, in the name of our happiness. I will never forget her generosity, it was above and beyond the call of duty. I was ecstatic when Rachel re-appeared in my life last year. It feels so good to be connected again. We share similar tastes and now even work in the same crazy industry. I am so grateful to know preciesly what it means to be a Rachel Edwards bride.