I’ve been working in Stamford for 14 years and even though my office is on the north side of town, I’ve always heard about the pizza at Colony Grill. Despite the loyal following from co-workers and clients, I’ve never managed to eat at the original location, but now Colony has come to Milford. It’s great to see new life inside the former Harrison’s Hardware location and I think this beautiful new restaurant/bar is going to be a game changer for this side of the Milford Green.

It makes me very happy to see the old “Hardware” sign prominently displayed. I can’t help but wonder where the “Harrison’s” part of the sign ended up?

Behind the bar.

For the uninitiated, this is very thin crust pizza. First up is the famous hot oil and stingers (left) and I’m definitely a big fan of this combo. On the right is a meatball and onion pie.

Colony Grill opened a week ago, so there are long waits for a table at dinner time. I recommend going for an early lunch. We dropped in at 11:30 am and had our pick of tables. There is a separate side entrance for take out and an outdoor bar and patio seating out back.


Colony Grill
36 Broad Street Milford, CT
(former Harrison’s Hardware building)