Last night we kicked off our anniversary celebration with cocktails at the Dressing Room bar. Their dining room was buzzing before showtime at the Westport Playhouse. We saw some tantalizing dishes coming out, but had already decided to dine at Le Farm.  We enjoyed a light meal, 4 appetizers, a salad and one wicked little chocolate pot-de-creme.  It’s a splendid time of year for farm-to-table dining in Connecticut and I deeply wish Chef Taibe would adopt me so I could spend every day exploring the wonders of his kitchen!  We’re talking about my favorite chef in Connecticut (we were crushed when Relish closed in South Norwalk) and I’d follow him anywhere, but I’m so thankful he’s serving up his amazing food at this low-key spot in Westport. I also want to give it up for our charming server Frank, who, with the true memory of an elephant, remembered us AND where we sat during our last visit in October of 2009! 

Don’t you love the long days of June when there’s enough light to shoot without flash at 8pm?  Below is our local lettuce salad with grapefruit, sunflower seeds and creme fraiche lime dressing. I’m not one to get excited about a salad, but it was so simple, yet so unexpectedly pleasing. Unfortunately the light disappeared before I could photograph the rest of dinner and sometimes, you have to put the camera down.
 On our way home from dinner we listened to Ella’s Twelve Nights in Hollywood as she sang the Cole Porter classic, C’est Magnifique. So true, Ella.