The designer in me simply loves photographing cars, so I’m a bit embarrassed at how long it took to attend a Sunday morning edition of Caffeine and Carburetors. A big thank you to Amy + Ryan for sending monthly nudges my way. I wouldn’t call myself a car enthusiast (in fact 14 years of commuting has left me constantly trying to reduce my time on the road), but I don’t know how anyone could walk down Pine Street and not be wowed by the automobiles on display.

For Ryan, because there’s nothing like an old childhood favorite.

We’ve got bit of a British infatuation in our household.  My husband dreams about a Land Rover Defender and I’ve got a thing for E-type Jaguars.
D calls it my Morocco Mole-mobile, though I’m a bit too young for any Secret Squirrel references.

We of course bumped into Todd Brown, half the duo behind 109 Cheese and Wine and Will Drive 4 Food. For more from the September 8 gathering, check out his Garage and Cellar set on Flickr. If you’ve never been to Caffeine and Carburetors, put October 6 and November 3 on your calendar. While things kick off at 8 am on Sunday morning, it’s well worth getting out of bed and getting yourself to New Canaan. My favorite part was watching these cars motor out. Station yourself down by Zumbach’s starting around 9:30 and you can see all these beauties in motion.