Brunch at Artisan – Southport, CT

We don’t bother much with brunch when we’re in Connecticut. I find it more of a regular occurrence in the City.

When a friend asked for recommendations, I had to really give it some thought. On the luxe side of things, Artisan came to mind. This restaurant opened last July and is nestled inside Delamar Hotel in Southport. We’ve never managed to wrangle a dinner reservation, so Sunday brunch was our first visit. While we were seated at a warm sunny spot near the bar, I still want to return this summer and experience the outdoor patio.

A few friends have asked what brunch is like at Artisan. It’s a good bet if your looking to enjoy an upscale, leisurely meal with great service. And by leisurely, I don’t mean the service is slow. This is a little pricier than your average brunch, you might as well sit back and enjoy.

Hanger steak, french fries, shallot sauce

Eggs Meurette, Sono Bakery English muffin, griddled tomatoes, bacon, mushroom, red wine sauce

Mimosa / Bloody Mary.  Does anyone know – is the mimosa in an egg coupe glass?

chocolate pudding, hazelnut crunch, whipped cream

Warm chocolate ganache cake with pistachio ice cream

Artisan accepts reservations at Open Table and Sunday brunch begins at 11 am. In addition to the à la carte menu, there are a selection of entrees paired with a mimosa, bloody mary, coffee or tea for $19. Parking is valet.

If you have any other favorite brunch spots in Connecticut, I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line in the comments section below.

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  1. No worries, I caught your drift.

    Oh, the Royalton. Good to know, because if there’s one day you would expect it to be on the menu… it’d be SUNDAY! If you’re ever in California, I am in love with the Model Bakery English Muffin. I’m not sure if they do EB with it, but it makes for a mean breakfast sandwich! Worth a detour if you’re in the Napa/St Helena area.

  2. Sure. And just to be clear by “you/your” I was referring to the “restaurant”, and not you personally.

    My favorite so far, is at the Royalton Hotel in NYC. Unfortunately Sunday is the one day they don’t have them on the menu, which seems utterly crazy, but it is what it is.

  3. Jason,
    I had never tried eggs poached in red wine and didn’t mind a different twist, but Artisan’s muerette is certainly not your cup of tea.

    I can easily relate to your desire to have a classic done right and I’m a stickler about menu items being advertised accurately.

    Eggs Benedict is one of my go-to dishes. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, so with a few exceptions, I typically lean toward the lunch side of things when I’m out for brunch. Do you have any favorite local spots for a classic EB?

  4. This is not a knock on Artisan (which I am very excited to try). But more an observation on what’s becoming a bit of a brunch epidemic. How about we start leaving Eggs Benedict alone. This is starting to become a serious concern of mine, and should be of yours. When I go to brunch, I’m looking for how well YOU can make Eggs Benedict, not how well you can invent a dish loosely based on it. Eggs Benedict is the perfect artisan breakfast meal. You’ve got your fresh baked English muffin, you’ve got your locally sourced and cured breakfast meat, and you’ve got your farm fresh poached egg. That’s already 3 perfect opportunities to gouge the heck out of me on price, and support local producers simultaneously. Why mess with it? I’m not at all interested in your “take” on Eggs Benedict, just as I’m sure you are not at all interested in my “take” on paying the bill, where instead of using a cash, I “substitute” monopoly money and run out the door. Nobody wins with that take, and nobody wins when you mess with EB. So please, leave EB alone. Don’t mess with it, instead, strive to make the best possible EB you can, and blow people away with your culinary prowess on what will be a level playing field.

  5. Mary, I know, right!? The ganache is a chocolate lovers delight! I liked the hazelnut crunch, but still prefer the butterscotch pudding at Fat Cat in Norwalk.

  6. Ummmmm this looks AMAZING!! Do you think I could just go ahead and skip right to the ganache?? 🙂

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