Today I had hopes to wait patiently for a table at Seattle’s How to Cook a Wolf.  But sadly we are missing Em & Pete’s wedding this weekend. With heavy hearts and indecision on where to eat, we decided to drop in at Miso last night. Only New Zealand King Salmon and 2 seats at the sushi bar, hanging with Chef Jason Tay could save the day. He gently chided us for not visiting in ages, but all kidding aside, we settled into our old routine and simply let him pick out the best sashimi for us. You may remember Jason from East Restaurant in Milford… but the best sushi around has moved with him to New Haven. 

Once we’re in 9th square area, it’s hard to resist a cocktail at 116 Crown. Below: The Marquess of Queensbury and the Four Theives. Amazingly, these photos were taken with my Droid Incredible phone.