armchair travel guide: iceland (part 1 of 2)

Armchair Travel Guide: Katherine UschmannWhy Iceland?
Katherine: “I’ve been interested in this place since the mid-1990s. Over the years I’ve heard about the wonderful scenery, food, and culture from friends who have gone. Now that prices are so low, we decided to go for it. Also I needed a place that I could do over a long weekend – 4 days is a good minimum for doing Reykjavik and a day tour of the countryside.”
Iceland 2009Iceland 2009Iceland 2009Any helpful tips for travelers contemplating this destination?
Katherine: “Take a day tour into the countryside. The many tourist offices in town are very helpful and have a variety of options for English-speaking tours to beautiful and fascinating places. Also, try real Icelandic food – there are excellent restaurants if you want to spend the money, or some of the best hot dogs in the world for just pocket change.”Iceland 2009Iceland 2009Can you share one of your favorite memories from the trip?
Katherine: “Walking up to Perlan (“the pearl”) near to sunset – there was such a gorgeous, peaceful view of Reykjavik and a really fun way to learn about the country’s heritage at the Saga Museum. Throughout the trip I loved learning about the Vikings and the unique history of Iceland.”Iceland 2009All photos by Katherine Uschmann.¬† To see more photos from Katherine, follow¬†her Flickr photostream >>

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