Who knew?  Both The New Yorker magazine and Tauck tours got their start back in 1925!  Tauck is still a  family-owned, Connecticut company known for their premium guided adventure tours.  I’ve seen them out in the field operating from fine hotels like the Princeville in Kauai. To celebrate their 85 years, the Tauck Trip of Lifetime offers you a chance to win a travel to one of eight featured destinations, like the Canadian Rockies (below). If you’re not into the great wide outdoors, there are plenty of other amazing options. If I won, I’d have to go with Australia, though Norway’s high on my list and Japan is high up D’s!  Day dreaming begins now! You have until March 8, 2010 to enter.Canadian Rockies Looks like a snow day tomorrow? We’ll see if mother natures drops that thunderstorm and blizzard-like conditions on top of Connecticut.